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Sleepless Seas is a haunted solo fishing TTRPG.

The PDF is two pages with a fold across the first page, plus a map. The layout is clean and readable, and the art is black and white with some good photocopier-style graphical noise.

In Sleepless Seas, you are an insomniac fisher plying spooky waters, haunted by a nebulous past.

Gameplay consists primarily of random rolls, with an element of push-your-luck in whether you fully fish out each spot or move to the next spot when your catch starts to decline. You can also trade fish for coins and coins for ship upgrades, but these are both dependent on your base roll for fish.

The atmosphere of Sleepless Seas is excellent and, like The Wretched, this could be a fun game to get into character and stream. The plot is slightly open-ended, but it closes in a gloomy and satisfying way that lingers.

Overall, if you're looking for solo TTRPGs, fishing TTRPGs, or cozy horror, check this out. It's a fun little title.

Minor Issues:

-If your boat takes 3 damage, the text isn't clear if it heals after you come to, or if you have to purchase repairs.