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Art, CG and the voice acting was A class. Usually I cringe when I hear voice actors on VN that are not Japanese, because they sound pretty awkward and unprofessional (cant blame them), but here it sounds very fitting. Granted it's no Japanese professionally train VA, but it's pretty goddamn well made for a game that popped outta nowhere.

The moving animation was just purely amazingly. I noticed the animation tried to match with the voice of the actors initially as well. Not just that the game also have a range of expression for the main characters as well and each was placed appropriately depend on the scenario.  

The CG and transition between character dialogues are smooth. The CG itself is so very well made and I noticed one particular transition in the beginning when it turned from day to night. That was very fluid and I almost felt like I was watching an anime for a second.

Gender definitely plays a big role in how the characters react to you and it's not just a generic switching of pronouns so big kudo to that.  The choices you make also create different situation. I can definitely feel a change in my MC when I pick certain choices that trigger her emotions like anger or creating conflicts so they aren't kidding when they say your choices make your story.

Overall this is definitely the best VN I've played. Not sure plot wise but the amount of effort that was made into the game CG, voice actors and animation is definitely top class.

I do have a complaint regarding the key setting. I wish I can hide the textbox to look at the CG sometime and since this dont look like it was made with RenPy some of the normal key button is not the same. Such as the save function, quick save, load and quick load arent as accessible because there are no hotkey or when you press esc it doesnt exactly pop out the menu UI for you. This is especially inconvenient because you cant scroll with your mouse wheel and remake your choices (because once again this is not your normal 2D VN they have animations and VA).  So once you make them it's permanent unless you load your save. Keep in mind there's also no auto save so you have to remember to save whenever you think you played long enough. So far that's my only complaint. The game mechanic itself, but definitely would pay 40 dollars or more for this VN if I get to play the full game and it has interesting plot. 

Thank you for writing a such a long message to us! This put such a big smile on us and we can't wait to show you even more stuff we have in store for you.