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Two little touches I liked was how the music and screen faded from the start screen and how the speech bubbles appearing matched up well to the cadence of a person speaking. The former added to the important feel of the story and the latter made the characters feel more real! And on a bigger scale, the visual design of the characters and the core area was definitely interesting. Plus, there were tons of interesting concepts in this story - a relationship between a duty-bound priestess and her deceased mother, mind-reading, empathy vs. duty, etc... all in some far-out alien-world!

I'd wonder, though, for a short project like this, if focusing on fewer ideas would have let the story get deeper? For example... what if the story was just about a priestess who can read minds? Or, a priestess who has to deal with the struggles of losing her mind-reading powers? Or, what happens when one of two hardened agents starts to gain empathy - how do those two characters (and their conflicting philosophies) deal with each other? 

All of the ideas presented in this story were super interesting, so I'd love to explore the fascinating elements from any single one of them!