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I think the game deserves a revisit which is something I plan to do. There is a lot of loose ends that I think could be tied up with an update, but I would rather get a whole team together to make a much larger sequel or remake (preferably something the unreal engine or unity). There were so many things I wanted to add but simply couldn't since I was the only one actively working on the project. Originally there was supposed to be 13 floors to the elevator but I quickly realized how much of a task that would be for 1 person. there will be more of Welcome home, this isn't the end I can promise you that.

But if you are really eager to get some sort of story/ending explanation I think I can indulge in that, so SPOILERS AHEAD 

Welcome home is about a man named Colin Heights who is in a coma having a vivid dream. He is a paranoid schizophrenic with multiple personalities all of which are quite literally becoming sentient from this powerful dream. One of them named DOG is manipulating his anxieties and fears to keep him asleep. DOG knows it will die along with everyone else in the dream if Colin wakes up. Colin is slowly becoming aware this is happening, wondering around several memories, some of which have been manufactured. He eventually finds a memory that makes him realize who he is and wakes up before he is trapped there forever

Now the ending.

I completely understand why the ending feels confusing and disappointing as its very abrupt and not expected. The intent was to feel like you woke up from a dream. Often when waking from an intense dream it can feel like you got pulled out right in the middle of a story. This was an artistic choice and I think I could have explained this better. Like I said, this is something I'm going to revisit with a team and a lot more resources In the near future.

So, the boss in the comic is Dog? the first memory we seen is on the Bed? and the last voice we hear is Hannah?
Almost everyone in that dream (coma) are multiple personalities of him.

Wait a moment, Dog is dead!
and the animatronics told what he did