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I don't know where else to post this, but on the coolmathgames version of idle breakout, balls that can break black bricks, like snipers balls still get teleported out of them. On a further note, I've unlocked the skill where plasma balls will always damage black bricks but the issue is that the plasma balls don't deal splash damage to the black bricks until all regular bricks are broken. These plasma balls also still get teleported out of black bricks at the beginning of each new round. This seems unintended as regular bricks that spawn on balls don't cause the balls to teleport away. This makes sense for balls that cannot break black bricks but this should work after the skill point for them have been unlocked.

Hopefully I've helped in fixing a few bugs. If I posted these in the wrong place, just let me know where I should post this and I'll move it.

Good day.