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may i give some feedback?

I always liked your game. But the new update has really the best gauntlet map ever! 

And the giantess voices make them more real. :)

- Hope there will follow voices for the giants too ^^;

The gauntlet mode is very special, cause i have never seen something like that in other games. There are many games where you can control the giantess (or a monster) - like titaness and others....

But the gauntlet in "Flattened" is very unique and well done!

So the giantess mode is nice, baut gauntlet is way superior ^^ So my suggestion would be: keep up the other modes... but really focus on gauntlet. Like some other commenters said already: it would be nice to add more giants to select. The giants from former versions... and maybe some new.... how about a giant with long pants and barefooted? :D

Or maybe a lizard-girl?

But thats just an suggestion.

Your game is already so great! I really like the diversity in the tiny crowds. love to run together with all of them ^^;

I one former version you had a rescue and a kindergarden mode.

So... here is another suggestion: why not make a second gauntlet map with a rescue combination? So you play a character who helps other people... maybe rescue some children wich hide in some corners.... and you have to rescue at least 5 of many... to win that mode.... bring them to a safe place... while all the other people just run for their own lives :D

So this would combine all three modes to one (the gauntlet rescue xD)

Why do i suggest that?

Cause you had an rescue mode in a former game... and that was nice... but the map was too big and the giants appeared just form time to time. In this combination you would make it more difficult and the experience would be more intense ... and the gauntlet already works very nice... so :)

But now i say too much. That game is already very good. :)