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16.8 The fairy to the island in the south is bugged if you have to emergency exit due to getting stuck somewhere from a golem, or event. Golem Princess event is bugged after I killed the spider, talking to golem princess didn't further the event, and now the webs permanently block golem princess, though it gave me the same text that the way was blocked after killing spider, but the way was temporarily cleared. In my current playthough those are two events that are broken. Also the princess diaries cause a very high chance of crashing if you view them. Even if the game doesn't crash there is usually a lot of slowdown, which will go away if you go to menu screen and back again. Lastly, Havest princess loses the bell once you give it to him, talking at a campfire does nothing. Human princess will only have sex at camp once recruited if you drug her, don't know if this is intended, since I triggered her fight and she had no equipment on, and the fight was basically unwinnable with her, so I was forced to rescue her. It is still weird though that that event would totally lock out non drug related tent activity. It would be nice if the PC could access the "private" room of the inn all the time, and use it with princesses that are staying at the inn, but that is more a request than a bug.