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wow. These arent my standards. There are many standards and methods that work. but w/e. Im done here. tried to help. You dont seem to want to get it. which is sad so ill keep this last part short. 5 years of code, no? Changed many hands?  Many coders or teams? Dont you think they all were doing the best with what they were given? each past team or mate was probably handed a mess, and a mess, over and over. and they each did the best they could with it and it worked. they all could read and work with the mess. But reading back none of them insulted or shifted blame to the coworker or team under or before them . Youre trashing people who probably went through what you are going through. only they did it with dignity and didnt justify themselves or insult others or blame others or blame bad code or blame a mess or all that. they worked. and theyr work worked. no one is insulting you. you are the one insulting people, calling coworkers "idiots" and making excuses while your work does not speak for itself. gosh, dude get a clue. 

just something to think about