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Didn't have anything to submit, so I cant rate it, but here Is my opinion as a memori gamer.
First opinion you may get from this game: "Damn this game is a copy of celeste!"

And... yes - that is true - to a certain point. NPC has spent 2 years working on this game, using some of celeste's mechanics, but in no way has he copied it! The game's story is completely different, and is a lot more presision based. After playing this game for almost half a year, and playing celeste for a few months, this game appealed to me more. Controls felt much better, and the platformer felt more responsive in general. Celeste's graphics were made by professionals and have been polished again and again to a point where it cannot be polished more! Memori has still got many stages of it's life to go through, one of them being an upgrade from it's current graphics. PracticalNPC has not got the artistic talent of someone who has worked in that area for years and years, however he has done the best to achieve our high standards. That's the solo development way, you can't always be the best at everything!

For people that have never played memori, I think that you will love this action filled game, with complicated mechanics, NPC's, and much more!

P.S.  this is my opinion on this game, still in it's development stage, however I'm sure there is a lot more to come from this game!