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tl;dr Well worth the money and the wait! At least for me.

I like this game a lot so far, but there are some frustrating things with the script.
The day after an all day date, the MC says he spent his day off lazing around watching anime for one thing.

And then there's the big "lie" in I think scene 15 (trying not to spoil it). The truth is the MC (and the player) did NOT know and it was in fact sprung on them that day. But if you pick say that then the MC says in his inner monologue how he is lying and he feels like shit for doing it. The game did warn me before selecting that option that it was going to be a lie, but it wasn't a lie at all.
That only lessens my enjoyment a tiny bit - I'm used to much worse :D. I can just reload and pick the actual lie that better fits the MCs delusions. If you pick that option he does tell the truth, but shoulders way too much of the blame. The reactions kind of work for the character(s). I guess it's more of a problem with labeling and categorization than anything else. Ignoring the confused lead up and just picking "truth" kind of works, in other words.

Maybe this kind of thing will be fixed in the Enhanced storytelling update. I'm hopeful!

The "girls" are still cute and funny, and story is interesting enough. I was a backer of this project back when it started, and I have waited for a long time and paid "full price", but I am not disappointed. Well worth the money and the wait!