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I couldn't finish the game. The controls were an absolute nightmare: driving the car felt like I was driving on black ice, barely any control and sliding all over the place, turning was turning the car sideways and the click controls automatically hit a random option in the dialogue menu if you're not paying attention and click too fast or ANYWHERE ELSE on the screen. If you want to look at your map/gps it makes your car move (thus losing blood) so you have to stop the car, get out, look at the map, get back in, drive, repeat to get anywhere.

There's also no pause/menu option, so if I have to use the bathroom (or get pulled away from the game for whatever reason) the MC is just gonna have to bleed out. THEN you have to start from scratch because there's no save mechanic.

Really disappointed cause the story was interesting. Just not interesting enough to battle through the game's mechanics.