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LOVE IT! I've been playing this game for 5 days and finished it. I recommend doing the routes in this order; Karma, Rod, Rumple, Fritz, Waltz. Karma gets you ADDICTED to the story line, and saving the best for last is Waltz. A problem with most visual novels is the writing, alot are super cheesy but the writing in this is great! I kid you not, I cried during EVERY SINGLE ONE. Karma made me cry 3 times, Rod 3, Rumple 1, Fritz 2, and Waltz 4 (Yes, I'm aware I'm very sensitive). The characters are great because their damaged. Lucette is such a bummer in the beginning but then you learn why and learn to love her (Especially at the end of Waltz's route). Oh, and who can forget the ARTWORK?! So beautifully drawn. Thank you Dicesuki for making this wonderful game. I will always be on the lookout for something new. MAYBE A VARG GOOD ROUTE??? :)


My absolute favorite route was Waltz. Although the ending wasn't as romantic as the other endings, the rest of the story was amazing. Especially if you're into the magic aspect of it. Karma is the second best, his route goes more into the direction of humans and the physical world. Fritz was also very amazing as well. 

Issue 1: Rod's route. I love Rod, he was cute and incredibly protective of his family and was so LOYAL TO A FAULT he was willing to die to let his true love be happy with someone else. But I hate that they made him Lucettes step brother. I mean, his curse is the reason Ophelia and the King got married in the first place. But once the spell was over shouldn't that have been redacted as well? Or like atleast explained? And because they are still technically "siblings" they can't truly be together. It's still sweet and I literally cried at the very end when I read the words "Would you like to dance?". I kid you not, with the artwork involved and the tone of the writing I broke down right next to my brother looking at me like a crazy person. Still romantic ending. 

Issue 2: TBH I didn't like Rumpel's route very much. I wasn't captivated, it didn't seem very heartfelt because he's always going into a comedic flirting place which always pulls you away from the seriousness of the story line (atleast to me). I also had sort of a hard time having a connection with a character named RUMPEL. 

Issue 3: I wanted a hookup. I wanted her to have a tryst with someone. She gets so close with Karma and Waltz. Maybe in DLC or something well have that chance.