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[Stand User] Vetrix Smith

[Stand Name] Blitz Krieg Max

[Namesake] Blitzkrieg 

[Power] A

[Speed] C

[Range] A

[Durability] C

[Precision] B

[Potential] D

[Appearance] A train engine twice the size of an average train, this Stand is loaded with cannons to rain Armageddon. While this Stand is usually just the engine, it can be summoned with passenger cars to carry people.


{Judgement's Light} 

Blitzkrieg Max fires hundreds of missiles and bombs into the sky where it will fall on Vetrix's enemies. Luckily, the explosions and ammunition do not harm the environment or  bystanders but only towards those that Vetrix sees as a threat.

{High Speed Junction}

Blitzkrieg Max can run enemies over.

[Stand Cry] *Train horn intensifies*

{User} "Full steam ahead!" 

[Requiem] Blitzkrieg Supreme

Blitzkrieg Max converts from a train to a large castle like fortress, armed with cannons galore. When in this mode, Blitzkrieg Supreme lacks movement but makes up in defense.