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This is a cool and unique little horror game. The graphics aren't bad, the sound design is creepy, and the mechanics and how you survive in the world all work off of each other. I love how this game combines elements from Alan Wake and even a little Contrast. In most horror games the light generally means safe haven from the terrors that haunt you. But this game flips that on it's head and you have to adapt to the darkness for safety. For a demo this was pretty decent, a few textures missing here and there but everything worked with hardly any issues. I would love to see this game expand into a much larger world with new areas and such. I think this could be a really cool game with some more fine tuning and work. All in all a nice little game and I look forward to seeing what the final release looks like. I did a video on my experience with the demo if anyone is interested.

STAY OUT OF THE.......LIGHT? | Lost Shadows [Demo]

glad you liked it. Thanks!