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Stand Master: Mitchell Rice

Stand: Lithium

Namesake: Named after the song "Lithium" by Nirvana 

Power: B

Speed: D

Range: B

Durability: A

Precision: B

Potential: B

Appearance: Lithium is a blue and white humanoid stand, made entirely out of compressed string. It has yellow eyes, and wears a scarf and several small pieces of armor around his wrist, on his shoulders, and around his legs. The stand has no hair, and has a V shape that reaches between the eyes. It also has no noticable mouth, but can still talk. 

Ability: This Stand has the ability to unravel itself into hundreds feet of string, and can pull itself back together quickly. The Stand can attach itself to objects and people similar to tape. 

Requiem: Utero (Nirvana Album)

Requiem ability: In it's Requiem form, Utero can use it's strings to reach into the people and wrap around vital organs. It can also reach into objects and grab at things inside walls, ceilings, etc. 

Stand Cry: Mirai

User: "Let's wrap this up, shall we?" and, "My light will never go out!"