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This game is kind of fun.

As a game simulating the retro zeldas, this game is really damn great.  Exploring the map is fun, as well as the dungeons, and the difficulty is just there where I am bad, start bad, but eventually get better.  Nice spritework for the overworld and excelent for actual characters (Anubis himself, the horse, the little dog that I forgot the name).  I haven't finished it yet, only because I get so far into a dungeon, get an incredible item, and when I try to get back to save the game, I die and lose all my progress.
 My only complain is this, if you die, you don't lose items and money, you literally lose everything you have done.  This is so terrible, since you can spend time and time trying to get somewhere, and when you finally do, you die and have to do it again.  On the first dungeon, I had to kill the same lizard over and over and over before attempting to get the item, because it would be just impossible otherwise.  Same thing for the relics, you get one and suddenly have to face new enemies and obstacles never fought before while still having on your mind you can't die because you'll lose the progress you've done.
 I'd say this game is really great, but the saving is just infuriating, at least on my experience.  Make me drop all my coins and ammo, but please, don't let the items I got be rolled back when I die.

(Also, is this game ever going to be updated again?  I really like it and I'd love for it to be completed, incluiding making the nsfw which I know you have e621, harmatist.  we all are furries and demand to see the animations in-game.)