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Hello innersloth,

Just wanted to say I really love this game, enough to where I made my girlfriend download it and we play every day. That's seriously the truth. We very much enjoy how amusing, exciting, and interesting the game is within every match. From the chat between players, to the mischievous decisions and surprising end. 

However there are things that we feel would be amazing for the community. The most cared for addition would be a new map and/or maps. The action to select map is there why not have more options. The Skeld is a great map in itself although after days, weeks or months of playing,  it tends to get old. Also character outfits seems to be a want from the community aswell. If I may offer an idea of holiday specials? Limited time outfits for holidays such as Easter bunny, pilgrim, grim reaper, elves or Santa and so on. 

The updates are very well done with everything. Censorsy is a tad too strict in some cases but again very well done. I will highly recommend this to friends and family, overall 5 stars. Hope you take my thoughts into account/consideration. Thank you