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I have a strange thing with the clothes on the characters who are not princesses.
It seems that the costumes have somehow stuck on them. And there also something like a bug with duplicating costumes in addition to that.
I'll show you an example on the dragon and kobold I have.

I removed all costumes from the costume slot on them. But......the game shows them as if they were still wearing costumes. And these costumes do not change if put the other costumes.

However, if go to Dear, when I deposit these two to her, I can see (at "equip" section) that costume slot is displayed as if they are wearing something (specifically - "bunny hoodie" and "lizard captive").

And at this point, another interesting thing happens!
At the moment I have 3 "lizard captive" and 5 "bunny hoodie".
From now on, if I deposit them to Dear and then take them back to the squad - they will be wearing those costumes again!
These costumes can be removed, and then I will have 4 "lizard captive" and 6"bunny hoodie"!
And this can be repeated endlessly. But the appearance of these two still will not change ever.