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This game has blown not only my brain's out but the other games out of the water. The music was nice, This games totally captivated me. Coming from a pro plat former nerd i found that every time i died the keyboard was losing more and more keys from me banging my head against my computer. The graphics were beautiful, loved the color scheme, nice palette that didn't hurt my eyes. The characters had their own beautiful original designs that obviously took time. I liked the main character kinda fridge-like but hey!, you could add some more kitchen appliances. The idea that it was able to be played with a controller was very smart and i liked how it was separate from other games. The feeling of flipping - coming from a because i couldn't person afraid of heights made me feel a lil' sick - but had a nice smoothness. This game made me hate myself in every possible way.


(AND THE TEETH GUYS R SUPER CUTE LOVED THE BLINKING EFFECT) This game was expertise for a game that only had this amount of time.