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Also, the Bible never said that Jehovah hates competitive sports. Also we're allowed to go on field trips, the Bible just means that you can't be best friends with people who commit crimes and do drugs, etc. 

Here's something a wise brother told my mother once. If we're wrong, so what? We get nice lives, stay out of drugs and of harm, and are happy. If we're right, then we get eternal life on a beautiful earth! My uncle died a few years ago because of lung cancer, he did not serve Jehovah. He smoked every day, even in the hospital. My father doesn't smoke or drink, and he's really healthy at 61! And he is the eldest child. If you saw him before he was a witness you'd think he was a hobo lol.

People might not think that it changes people's lives for the better, but it really, really does. In fact, once I'm a pediatrician (my parents approve) I will go preaching every weekend and spread the good news.