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you set out to make a challenging game and you succeeded.

Thank you so much for making a video of the game, that's so cool! At the end of your video you mentioned how getting to 1000 was basically impossible... Well, my high score is like 1036...! Definitely hard, but definitely possible if you play a certain way and choose the correct powerups! 

As for the mobile version, there is none yet, when I say "all tips go towards funding the mobile version" in the game page, I mean that the money earned from the tips will go towards paying various fees that will allow me to publish the game on android/iOS. Hopefully I'll get to do that though, because I have an updated version of this game in mind that I think would fit well on mobile!

Also, leveling up only unlocks costumes (and later higher starting speeds), so that's the counter you were seeing to the bottom left of the menu! The points you get are completely independent from that.

Anyways, so glad you enjoyed the game :)