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I've played a lot of visual novels in the last 6ish years, and I have yet to come across one as beautiful and mesmerizing as Cinderella Phenomenon. I'm kind of going to go into detail here so SPOILER ALERT lol.

The characters were one of my favorite aspects of the game. They feel so, real and unidealistic. Their flaws are just as projected as their strengths. The main character Lucette is a good example. She's seen as cold hearted and unsympathetic, however she's just being controlled by the aftermath of her mother's prolonged manipulation and emotional abuse.  Rod is standoffish and seems unforgiving but is protective and caring about those he loves. Karma is seen as vain and conceited but he just wants someone to love him and return his affectionate feelings. Rumpel wanted to help everyone he can but eventually stopped caring for himself properly. Fritz was haunted by his demons of wanting to be ideal in his fathers eyes (hence the formation of Varg, the son his father dreamed of), yet cares deeply for the princess. And Waltz, we need say not ;)

Not to forget this game had beautiful music and a storyline that had my eyes glued to the textbox. It was amazing and beautiful, I'd play it a hundred times over. I can't wait for Dicesuki's next game!!