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This is a really cool and unique little hunting game. The graphics are well done, the sound design is spot on, and the games mechanics are all creative and fun. I have played a few animal inspired games in the past. But never as a predator, let alone in first person. All of the running and maneuvering really makes you feel like your in control of a killing machine. Yeah there are a few missing animations and not a huge area to explore. But this is only a demo, and a well polished one at that. The game looks beautiful and reminded me a lot of being on the planet from Avatar. The vibrant colors and unique wildlife feel familiar and different. All in all a nice little unique adventure game and I look forward to seeing what the final version will look like. I did a video on my experience with the demo if anyone is interested.

Thank you very much for sharing your video! Glad you enjoyed the concept and the demo ;)

I love your game Row' !!! Please, continue with the development. it's an incredible idea!!! I hd fun with this games for years and I wish one day this will be a complete game. Thanks for reading.