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As a person with serveral mental health issues, It was hard for me to play this game, but I had a lot of fun.

((Extra points for the Hamilton poster in Rae's room ;) ))

((And all the other little hints to it, hell yeah))

Thanks for playing through the game, even though it was hard. We really appreciate it.

Hehe, we're big Hamilton fans! Glad you noticed our references. ;)

If I may ask, is this your first project? I'm assuming not, as it's well made. I've been looking into trying my hand at making a game myself, but it's been very hard. Sorry to bother, but do you have any advice?

I could not have missed them! I'm a huge musical nerd, heh

It's our first project! We're actually a group of four people, though, which made making the game an easier task. We used Unity and a third party engine (VN Engine) to create our game within our timeline (which was 6 months). It depends on the type of game you want to create, but there are lots of free game engines out there! 

Hope that helps!