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Hey Mars, 

Thanks so much for playing the game, I do appreciate it and your feedback.

I'm sorry your experience with the game was confusing on these fronts, I think the feedback you are offering will help make things more clear. 

I'm happy you brought up your issue with the entryway and glad you see what I was trying to accomplish. Thank you for making a reasoned case and suggesting a solution towards the original intention. I will fold that into my thinking for the future.

Even though the noise that allowed you to continue was not immediately understandable and straightforward, I'm glad you were able to connect the hoses and clean the pool, I hope you enjoyed that part.

There is more to the game, but this is where others have had friction as well. Thank you for letting me know where you got stuck. (You can interact with the umbrellas as well, near the base, above the table.) I fear the detection area is not large enough for this to be readily found.

Overall, thanks for trying it out and commenting on what you thought was important to note. These points will make for better designs on future iterations.