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Oh gosh, you're the person who commented on the Lemma Soft Forums, right? Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment here too! It absolutely made my day ;A; <3

I'm really glad you enjoyed Ezo! I've always found it easy to connect with her "done" attitude, so she's very easy for me to write.  It's great to know that other people enjoy that as well!

The next game is only just beginning to get scripted, but expect a LOT more Nue and some more Bellevue as well.  Despite my original intentions, I didn't quite get to Nue's story in this game, so I'm really looking forward to her role in the next one.  Bellevue, on the other hand, started off as just a minor character (Mekelle needed a best friend), but the more I wrote him, the more I fell in love and his story just kinda took off on its own, haha. There will definitely be more of him in future games!!

I personally prefer linear stories, since I don't have much time and like to be able to finish a game in one playthrough. But we'll see what I can do for the next one! I really want to make an inventory, haha.

And YES! MoC is a sequel of sorts to a webcomic of mine called Pike's Reach.  You can read it on Tapas or Webtoon!

Sorry for the wall of text but thank you again for playing and I hope you have a great day!! <3