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Thanks a lot Talaman! Nice critique, I'll try to change the way the mouse works for PC, as it is now, you really need to get used to the speed of the hamster to use a mouse well to not over shoot. Near the end how you hit the fruit into the side trees you are right, you can hit them into there and use them as goals, it's supposed to help when you can't get under the fruit.  Time attack is really an advanced game mode, it really is possible to play this game almost forever if you really get good at it, believe it or not :P But you gave me an awesome idea, i think time attack should be about collecting as many fruit as possible in the 3 minutes regardless of the fruit rotting. This may also help people get better at the normal mode. Also as for the double tap, it's not about collecting the same seeds, it's about having the same trees planted, so if you have 3 apple trees grown at the same time, you get the ability :)  Thanks a lot for giving it a go!!