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We finished the game yesterday and it was so much fun! The idea is simple and easy to follow, the GM don't need almost any preparation (in my case it was literally a one hour while my players were cleaning the kitchen).

I liked how much work the storybook does for you - it gives players specific archetypes, it gives you hint for how to push the characters into moments of vulnerability, the descriptions are clear so 50% of the time you just read aloud what was prepared in the book and just imagine the rest or let the players create the world on their own using hints and questions.

My players really liked the questions, the feeling that they control the world and the myth around the witch. They liked the archetypes, there were enough place for creativity to make your own character but at the same time your options are limited so you don't get paralyzed by choices.

I would like to have just a single page more of the rules. It was difficult to decide how to do the opposing checks. Especially at the end I had to improvise the rules just to give my players the feeling of fairness when they were stabbing each other backs. 

I also want to stress how good are the options that the game offers your players for making their companions suffer. I always worry when games give my players options for antagonistic interactions, but here they were creative, interesting and perfectly suited the overall theme of the game. As this is a one-shot adventure, players were able to hurt each other characters without worrying that this will affect their relationships negatively in a long run. 

8/10, It was completely blind run (especially for the GM) and everyone were having fun :3