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I can't open the second page of the gallery after obtaining the kiss scene

it always says this when go on the second page 

exception occurred.

While loading <'Crop' <'FactorScale' <'Image' u'CG/ch2 kiss/kiss 1.jpg'> 0.2375 0.2375 True> 0 0 500 250>:
  File "renpy/common/00gamemenu.rpy", line 173, in script
    $ ui.interact()
  File "renpy/common/00gamemenu.rpy", line 173, in <module>
    $ ui.interact()
error: subsurface rectangle outside surface area.

I don't what happened :I 

It's a common bug since the gallery code I found and used wasn't very complete, haven't found a way to fix it permanently yet, but rolling back generally fixes it :(

I'll be switching to a different thing once Chapter 3 rolls out, sorry for the inconvenience!