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Thank you for the update! This time the difficulty just feels right. I finally managed to win and wished there were some more levels. :-)

I still like the look and feel of your game. I played with headphones and the sound effects are just great - very intense and saturated. May I ask where you got them from?

Glad you liked it!  I think I've got some good foundations here to start moving some of this functionality into re-usable libraries.  Hopefully that will allow me to get a good jumping off point for next year's 7drl :p. I did spend a little too much time trying to force rpgmaker to behave this way and not enough time on content and gameplay.

Those sound effects are all stock RPG Maker sound effects that come with the package.  I looked at some other sound effects, but those seemed to fit the bill nicely.

i'm looking forward to your next years 7DRL. Now that you have your game-engine in place I expect it to be quite good. I will definitely play it! ;-)