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Stand Master: Jonathan Leolin Nynniaw

Stand: Daylight

Namesake: Stand represents the tarot called "The Sun", 

Power: B

Speed :D

Range: B

Durability: A

Precision: C

Potential: D

Stand Appearance: Dark, coal-like armor on an orange-coloured skin. Magma-esque tears are constantly flowing from his three eye sockets . He has long flowing fire hair. His weapons are two tiny suns that help him collect energy and heat.

Twin-Stand Ability

Full Eclipse: Energy of an opponent is drained to charge up an Anti-matter Bomb.

Partial Eclipse: Weather, waves and temperature changes so quickly that it creates a natural disaster event.


Heat wave: With one of his two suns, he can make the temperature climb to 200 degrees Celsius.

UV lasers: can create concentrated UV rays and shoot them to his enemies, takes time to recharge . 

Requiem: Supernova

Energy builds up to the point of exploding with the strength of a mini-supernova, killing anything alive (if unshielded) in a radius of 100 meters.

Stand Cry: *Gibberish about the Moon Card*

User - It's time to shine again.