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Snapturn does indeed now work on touch controllers with the rift, thank you!  It is still a little tricky to use because you have to hold the trigger, pull the left stick to the right/left/down, and then click it in like a button to get it to turn.  I think this just comes down to the way touch and vive wand inputs are mapped to similar but mechanically different controls.  Any chance you could remove the need to click the stick and just make it trigger and flick the stick to snap turn (Triggering snapturn on MotionController ThumbLeft_X and MotionController ThumbLeft_Y) , or would this make vive wand controls awkward and make it snapturn any time your finger touches the touchpad? Maybe you'd need an option in the options menu that changes the input behavior based on if you select vive wand or oculus touch?  Dunno, but I'd be interested in seeing how the input is handled.  Thanks again for your hard work on this project, I hope you're continuing to develop it!