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Stand Master: Thomas Shaw

Stand: Paranoid

Namesake: Black Sabbath-Paranoid

Power: D

Speed: C

Range: A



Potential: A

Appearance: Paranoid is rarely seen but it has a base form of a black mist with unblinking grey eyes

Ability: Paranoid is an automictic Stand that can manifest someone's deepest fear if the user is unconscious or asleep

Requiem: Fear Is the Key 

Namesake:Fear Is the Key- Iron Maiden 

Power: A

Speed: D

Range: B

Durability: A

Precision: A

Potential: E

Appearance : A large humanoid figure with a WWII era gas mask (eye lenses are a stark crimson that glows softly) for a face having a deep red  and black color scheme. clad in a uniform of a British sergeant from operation overlord   

Stand Ability: Can induce dread in someone and is capable of physical attacks in tandem with psychological attacks 

Stand Cry (Req only) : BRAATATATATAT BRRRATAAAA![Muffled, Think TF2 Pyro]

(Before Req)User:" Why are you scared?."

(After Req) User:"Is my Stand really THAT scary?"