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Good demo of the game's puzzle mechanics. I like the swapping mechanic. I do agree with others that the game should have a more gentle introduction to the mechanic.  That said, I personally didn't find the puzzles to be too confusing. I was able to finish the first episode in about 20 minutes or so.

Regarding the 2nd scroll, I didn't think it made the puzzles too easy. I didn't think this dungeon was supposed to be all that difficult, and by the time you get the 2nd scroll, there aren't too many keys left to get anyway. Most of the dungeon's puzzles were solved by that point, at least based on my playthrough. The only (very slight) challenge after you get the 2nd scroll is remembering where the last couple of keys are, IMO.

One thing I found somewhat irritating was the different types of pits. Some transfer you to lower floors whereas others, the ones outside, just cause damage.  In games that have "floor" mechanics, where you can fall from one to another, I prefer some kind of visual indicator to show you can fall from one floor to the other. My first assumption was that falling into the pits would kill you outright, since that's how most games operate. To introduce that mechanic, you could have a room in the game that "traps" the player on a square surrounded by pit tiles, and the only way out of the room at that point is to fall into the tiles.

After that, though, when the player first encounters the pits outside that cause damage, they've come to expect that you can fall into pits, to travel to new dungeon areas, without damage, because that's been the mechanic up to this point in the game. I'd appreciate some kind of stronger visual indicator, or some warning, that says "These new pits? These cause damage." Otherwise it just seems somewhat punitive, and it's unclear which pits will cause damage and which will let you fall to a lower floor in the full game.

Overall, that's a very minor issue. Most players probably won't notice or care, but I figured I'd point it out anyway.

Enjoyable demo overall. Looking forward to future ProtoDungeon eps and the full version of The Waking Cloak.

Thanks so much for the comments! I've definitely taken a lot of feedback into account and can't wait to put it into practice. 

I will say you likely got less confused than others because the current version cleaned up most of those issues. :) 

The pits do have a small visual difference, but I agree, it's not explained or taught. I have plans to update their appearance as well as the manner in which they're introduced. 

Thanks again!