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This game was honestly such a short and sweet experience, great job! The way you used the sound design to build up the atmosphere was the highlight of the game. I typically don't get nervous while playing games, but the looming threat of "POPULATION: 2" was honestly enough to make me sweat a little... Especially in the tight hallway parts!

My one nitpick would have to be the gate cut scene. Since there's no interaction in the rest of the game and there was only ever one option at each step anyway, I think you'd be fine to just have the dialogue progress automatically. I honestly thought the game had crashed since there was no indication that I could "choose" a dialogue option, and it wasn't until I watched part of a playthrough on this page that I realized I needed to click at all.

But besides that, I had a ton of fun with this game! Will definitely be recommending it to friends :)

Thanks a lot for playing and for the feedback! Sorry you got stuck there but I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)