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A fun improvement to "From Beyond the Stars!"  The addition of multiple starting locations and monster specific abilities brings a breathe of fresh air to an already fun series.  While the map doesn't change this small choice keeps you on your toes in a more labyrinthine station. "Custom mode" is greatly welcomed given the diversity of creatures and their abilities, I was rather surprised to see the Rare monsters selectable in this mode.  With key-cards now having static locations the scramble for survival becomes more oriented on finding the tools to gain access to said key-cards instead of just a frantic sprint around the station searching for that last damn card you might have overlooked.

The aesthetic of the game is very reminiscent to the golden age of cinema, this serves the low-poly graphics quite well.  However, as much as I love the look of this game my only true complaint about it is carried over from the original, the inability to turn off the film grain effect, it is a style choice that I will always disable when given the option.

Rogue-like horror is a terribly under tapped market; if you like the idea of a re-playable horror game then this is right up your alley. It may not have realistic graphics but, the best horror often isn't realistic.  The best horror is often ugly or even dare I say, cute, because it isn't what you see that terrifies you. It's the possibilities that your mind delivers in place of realism.

Awesome game Sir, keep it up.