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Hey thanks for the comment and really glad you like it! The weapon customisation is one of my favourite features so far. Sorry about that error. I've been meaning to put out an updated demo for a little while now, which I've now done and can be downloaded below.


Thanks again, and I hope you have fun with the new version.


I've played the demo and honestly I've found it fun. You are still in full development so I'm sure that the bugs and issues will be ironed out, the only thing that I want to ask is if you plan to add a sprint button. Because the distances to travel can be pretty big. But it's a solid base keep on with the good work!

There are no plans for a sprint button HOWEVER the player will unlock a motorbike near the start for travelling the huge distances. You'll be able to mod the bike in the same way as the guns and collect bike parts from bosses. I'm so glad you found it fun at it's current, bug-riddled state.

Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for taking the time to try it, I really appreciate it!