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One more thing.

Since you are a horror junkie you HAVE to read Echo.  I won't spoil much, so... First it seems the story has just a sad, melancholy mood with a touch of nostalgia and funny parts, BUT then you realize relatively fast that the town, where it plays, is maybe even cursed... I don't know yet. I am talking 'bout the demo btw. I don't know if there's a full version and how to get it, if so.

You will see what I mean. I have now read for hours, it's really crazy. One more hint, the name Echo is like perfectly fitting for this game...... 

I used to read alot alot and have read some really fucked up shit, though, this is really crazy.

Such a story in a VN that's supposed to be a love story, I guess... And I have to say the writing is incredible. Terrifying to say at least, then again I wasn't into horror for a while now, I'm out of practice.

One more thing, not that it has to do with any of this, have you heard of Anders (not a german book series, but the word is german (correction: it is from a german author) ?  It is one of the best novel book series's I've ridden. And normally I wouldn't like to read something like this, but even though the story ended anything but good, I enjoyed it. The characters are presented very very good too. It is propably even better in my eyes than Eragon. 

You could say it's fantasy, but it really isn't, well in a way it is...

Okay enough of this!