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I pretty much have the same things to say as everyone else: simple fun, rollerpig is way too OP, sometimes the random generation causes issues [I had one level where the entrance and exit doors spawned on the same space and there was a pointless loop and nothing else...]

I do have a few other things to note though:

-Swarmbug and Ratbone are pretty neat concepts for characters imo, but while Swarmbug kind of works, I think Ratbone isn't good at all on account of the bone, while powerful, can potentially get lost somewhere and you have absolutely no means of defending yourself without it. Also, all characters except Rollerpig have immense difficulty with any enemies that are below and especially above them.

-The necromancer enemy has two problems, one of them just more serious than the other: problem one is you can very easily grind XP by just letting him spawn infinite minions and killing them, but the super serious problem is that rooms that have a lot of necromancers can cause the game to lag pretty bad and also make Rollerpig unable to roll around?? [His one weakness I suppose]

-Once you unlock every character, there's no real point to gold and the game has no real goal outside of "go to the deepest level possible" [not a bad thing per se but still]. Also, an options menu with volume control and keybinding is always nice.

Overall, a pretty nice game though :)