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can i just say i agree with literally your ENTIRE comment? but specifically i relate wayyy too much to your comments on fritz's route. [will also be mentioning some spoilers here, if anyone hasn't completed fritz's route yet then tread carefully!]

1. recognizing varg was fritz as soon as i saw him in rods route (the first route i played). i didn't expect it to be some kind of alter ego thing though, i was just sitting there like "why did they make fritz wear a wig." i was trying to figure it out the entire time before i got to fritz's route, but i didn't end up thinking of a reason until it was actually told to me. 

2. falling for varg as well. by the end of the route i was sitting there like "FUCK GO BACK." i really wanted to show varg some love as well as everyone else, lol. i thought it was so sweet how he talks about how fritz's love for you must've rubbed off on him because hes falling for you too. "but you could never love me" just fuck me up dicesuki. speaking of dicesuki fucking me up, im with you on how much death there was in fritz's route. in all the other routes there was basically no death- maybe 1 or 2 causalities, mostly only if you got a bad ending. and then fritz came in like a fucking TRUCK and ran over my HEART.