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Stand Master: John Dou

Stand Name: Pepsi Man

Namesake: Japan adverts for very famous fizzy drink

Power: B

Speed: B

Range: C

Durability :B

Precision: C

Potential: E

Apperance: Pepsi Man is humanoid stand with metal skin,that coloured in blue,white and red colors,in the hands he has a holes that emit fizzy drink


-PEPSI Man:Stand starts emit drinks that makes the user(when he drinking it) stronger and makes enemies weaker,also its good rust cleaner

-Loud cry:Pepsi Man shouts:"PEPSI MAAAAN!!!" to stun and disorient the enemy,but that ability casts every time that stands attacking any thing and makes the surprise attacks almosr impossible

Requiem: Fizzy Boy

 Pepsi Man changes hes skin colors to rainbow and gets additional holes in hes foots,that allows him to fly.Also stand gets new drinks that increase/low the stats(agility,intelligence,reaction,etc),also the positive efffects from drinks spreads on allies of user.Also precision rises to A


User:"Damn,I can sell this drinks"