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A game about killing monsters and surviving the Apocalypse.

It’s the early 21st century and monsters have invaded our world. With them, they brought the apocalypse and all sorts of supernatural problems. Once sprawling metropolises have now become desolate wastelands. Haven is a tabletop role-playing game about a group of people who live in this ruined world and want to do something in order make it like what it used to be. Our world has been invaded by monsters of occultish nature and because of it, strange magics are beginning to run rampant through the lands.

We play to see if the characters can survive the apocalypse, make it a better place, create pockets for humanity to thrive, and defeat our monstrous invaders.

I just released the playtest for Haven! I've been working on this project for a while and I'm so excited that it's finally in the wild. This is only the first version and more features are soon to come! I'm also going to be getting a copy editor soon. If you would rather just read the rules without all the fancy images and 40+pages, feel free to read the text only document that is linked on the page. 

Just so there's no confusion and in case you've seen this twice, Haven is heavily Powered by the Apocalypse and was slightly Forged in the Dark. I drew lots of inspiration from both designs and credit it as such.