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I love your game. I love the conversations between the passenger and taxi drivers. Sit in the car crossing the midnight city. Really great vibe. 

But there's a little problem in the kanji title. It uses the kanji "烏", the japanese pronunciation of this word is 'u' or 'karasu', means "crow" specifically, and it also has the meaning of "black". It's different from "鳥"(dori), bird. They are different words, though they look quite similar. So I just wonder there is a mistake in the kanji title I think?


Hi! sorry for the late reply. 

Thank you, we are happy that you love the game :)

Regarding the title, the English version is not the literal translation of the Japanese one (or viceversa). They are different sentences but have the same meaning, "旅烏" and "bird of passage" are both a romantic/poetic way to say "wanderer".