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We are in the last leg of development and these updates are starting to feel a bit repetitive – polish, bugs, audio, polish, bugs, audio, and so on... It looks like we're running in circles. The good news is that there is a reason for that: Lightstep Chronicles requires a beastly setup, and optimizing it is extremely important. In our last leg of development, we are all about making the game more accessible.


As promised, this is what we did in the past week:
- had some more people playtest the full build
- prepared the final build for said playtesting
- polished additional sound effects and music
- locked down all gameplay. We're only polishing animation and graphics from now on!

We also had the QA test out the game with the new music and sound effects, and tested out new tags on Steam. We are currently in the More Like This sections of some regular text-based games, and that seems a bit dishonest, for us, for these games, and for the people coming to our page. Gonna tweak it out, but if you want to help us, please + the Story Rich and Artificial Intelligence tags. This is a link to our store. We are eternally grateful <3

Next week, we will work on

- UI animations
- editing the text where QA found typos, discrepancies, etc
- bug removal
- optimizing lighting and particles
- showcasing more of the in-game text rather than cutscenes

Lightstep Art by Miloš Slavković: