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Thanks so much for the detailed review! I do plan to have more "teaching moments" in the next dungeon. My issue this time was trying to pack it all into one room--the mirror, the pot, the blocks, the buttons, gates, etc. I'll spread 'em out more next time. :)

And yeah, I've gotten some great feedback on the lv2 spell. lv1 was originally planned to be a "short range" swap and lvl2 "long range," and a lot of the puzzles were built around that. I changed it very late in the game because it didn't feel good, and irrationally thought that the puzzles would be fine. But watching playtesters and gathering feedback, turns out not so much, lol. The dining room in particular got super broken by the  lv2 spell. I'm actually working right now on the next major patch that will shuffle some things around and force some linearity--needing to complete the dining room puzzle to access the room with the lv2 spell in particular.

Next demo dungeon will have saving if I get the chance to implement it! It just didn't make minimum viable product this time, unfortunately. Trying to keep things agile. :)

Anyway, I appreciate the comments. I'm pretty pumped gathering this feedback and starting my big ol' post-release analysis document. I learned a lot about dungeon design from this (which was the point) and am super excited to get started on Episode II.