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I LOVE this game. It's great. I've been on a  horror binge and me and my friends have played this game over and over again for a few days now.

Here's my question: When there's an aggressive intruder (like the one in the new house bathroom, or in the old house living room, or the old house bedroom) if you report it, will you still "die" or lose? Is there some sort of method to avoid being killed?


Hi! Thanks! It's always great to hear when people like the game. You won't die to the aggressive intruders if you report them in time. Sometimes you have to act fast when filing a report but once the anomaly gets fixed it can't "kill" you anymore. Also not looking at the monsters sometimes helps you survive longer. You can still "die" to too many anomalies being active at once of course. Hope this answers your question.

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It does! Thanks so much for your quick response. Excited to see more work from you in the future! Is there any chance we can get any hints on how to start figuring the story out?

I'm afraid you'll just have to figure out the story by yourself :)