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Not convenient or realistic on Batuu.  Every time I go to Batuu Cast Members are burned to a crisp from the College Program.  Tourists are burned to a crisp.  Tourists tanning themselves on a bench burning themselves to a crisp.  It is a beautiful 73 degrees today on Batuu.  Time to get a real-life tan on Batuu at Hollywood Studios.

To be extremely technical Black Spire Outpost is almost identical to Tatooine conditions, unlike Tatooine which has 2 suns, there are 3 suns on Batuu.  Basic Burns needs to be implemented on Batuu.  I got burned on Opening Day of Galactic's Edge just waiting in line for the Millenium Falcon. 

When traveling to Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland or Disney's Hollywood Studios, Suntan Lotion is a MUST!  You will be burned to a crisp and look like a tourist not used to the California or Florida sun and be a lobster. 

This cousin of Walt and Roy O, has no clue why you did not implement Batuu, which is a must.  If you read every media source the most important thing to have when going to Galaxy's Edge, we always state sunscreen as the first thing to have when visiting.