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I have to say, as many others, this VN (visual novel) has a great potential. Sadly there are so many errors that even for one like me, whose native language is not english, they're really distracting... I see now... because it was translated from russian into english, that's why.

Also, the expressions of the characters or the scenes often won't match the story. 

These are some thaughts for now. I don't know if the game itself isn't finished at all (like others here in this genre) or if you are just going to add more. Since I am not even half way through, I guess, I haven't experienced much but I know that there's one story line missing. Okay so it seems I played through.

Take your time. People mostly prefere quality over quantity.  

To be honest I think it went too fast when John told the “main character“ to put his head on his lap but it's no big deal after all.

You now may think I only have bad words for your work but it's really not like that. I only discovered VNs recently but I have played through a couple by now. Most of them are very well made and much longer so I am propably more critical than I should be. I know it takes time to write and do all the work which comes with a VN. 

(To name a few VN: Tennis Ace, WSSAP - Wolfstar Sins and Paradise, Uncommon Breed, Human Cargo (not the best artwork but pretty great story and romance), Guardians of ParVa'La (very unfinished but super story so far (and sex, if that's important to you)). These onse are insane. There are more but I haven't managed to play them, yet. (For example Morenatsu, Echo, After Class, Adastra...)

Anyways good luck with bringing out future updates and keep it up! 

Cheers from Germany

( By the way the story so far made me really excited for what is coming up next. I have some ideas about what might happen, though... ;)