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My only complaint is that it was so short (but again, for a jam, I can totally understand) and left me wanting more. I'm a huge fan of old point & click adventure/roleplay games since that's what I grew up with playing with my dad, and VtM Bloodlines is something I return to frequently when I can't get a tabletop group together. This had great visual appeal for me, reminding me of things like Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness and The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes, and the music was perfect for the mood and tone of the game. All the little callbacks to Bloodlines and the bits of humor peppered in here and there made me smile. The ending I got was absolutely bittersweet, but very fitting and appealing to my angsty writer soul. All in all, a wonderful entry and by far my favorite in this jam. Brilliant work, devs!