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"One more question: Is Reina actually a magical girl whose powers unknowingly manifested in bringing her plushies to life and granting them human forms since she was small?"

That's a super cute idea but I'm afraid she's just a simple girl! <3 More info on what exactly the world setting is and what the plushies actually are in the extended demo! I hope you'll still be around when that gets released! :--) And thank you again for another suggestion! We'll try to make it work out!

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I will be! Admittedly, with the distractions of my favorite cartoons launching new seasons and new indie games releasing soon, I might forget about this gem...but since I'm now following you and I check my email inbox weekly, there's no problems on that front.☆

P.S. Waiting for the complete version of Home's Embrace to hit this storefront! Are you excited as I am?

Yes! Despite the full game release being pushed back by a few days, I'm definitely looking forward to it! <3